Friday, November 9, 2007

Freakin' Out Here....

LOOK.....WHAT I GOT from NANCY!!! OMGOSH....I'm sooooooooooo excited! Can you tell!?!
Tell me this isn't one of the prettiest things you have ever set your eyes on???? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it Nancy!!! She didn't just send me this fantastic tin box sent me a BEAUTIFUL little coaster frame that she made and a FANTASTIC card too! Those that know me and have talked to me in person or on the phone, know I am talking SUPER fast right now....hahaha!
You MUST check out Nancy's blog iSTAMP. She has so many wonderful ideas and she even shares some fantastic recipes too ;)
Nancy, you have TOTALLY made my weekend!

This next little project I found on Dawn's Stamping Thoughts this morning! Isn't it CUTE?? It was perfect for a little give away at my SAS tomorrow! I always like to give the girls a little something. Some win door prizes and some will go home with these ;)
I won't tell you how many York Peppermint Patties I ate today....
Go check out Dawn's blog because she gives AWESOME instructions how to do these!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I'm going to be busy tonight cleaning my house and setting up for tomorrow's SAS. Hope to get some stamping in tomorrow at some point


  1. OMG I just love those tins. Her work is amazing. You're one lucky ladie. Adorable little treat holders. And by the way your little books are awesome also. Hope you have fun tomorrow - can't wait to see what's next. Have a great weekend. :)

  2. oooppps - lady! I'm so tired I can't type or spell. :)

  3. Dawn, so glad you got the goods OK ... didn't take too long to get from Arizona to Canada, huh?! Glad you like them ... they were made with you in mind (we don't have much use for snowflakes, snowmen, etc. here in Arizona ... lol!). Your online friendship has been such a blessing!

    LOVE your peppermint treats for your SAS group! They are gonna love them!

  4. Dang, I wish Nancy was my friend! Nice loot :)

  5. Lucky you!!! Nancy's projects totally rock!

    I love your little snowman treats! Everyone will LOVE them! Cute!!

  6. Wow Dawn!! Amazing gift, Nancy does such beautiful work - lucky you!! Your little snowman treats are just so cute too, I'm checking that one out for sure! :)

  7. Oh my goodness yes this gift your recieved is just gorgeous girlie .. Your one lucky gal ...
    and look at those sweet treats they are fabulous GF!! I just love this snowman he is sooo cute ..
    Best money I ever spend was on this set .. OK well besides Mr Craby pants :-)
    Love ya
    Dawn Griffith

  8. What a "sweet" little giveaway...your guests will be smiling when they receive one of these little cuties = )

  9. And...what an awesome RAK from Nancy!! You lucky girl = )

  10. gorgeous gifts !!!!!!
    nancy is just so awesome that way !!!!just love her work and creativity.
    enjoy them!!!!

  11. Dawn,
    I have gotten to know your blog through Nancy Riley's blog and it was one of the best discoveries. I check it out daily. You do awesome work girl!! Keep it coming.

  12. Dawn you are one lucky girl. It sure does make your day to receive a gift of love.
    Cute gift for your ladies too.

  13. What a fabulous RAK, they are so beautiful! Christmas has come early there? Also love the Peppermint Pattie packs, they are adorable!

  14. Dawn, awesome RAK!
    Love the little Pattie holder. It's adorable!

  15. I totally love that little york peppermint candy holder! Adorable!!!

  16. Didnt realize the RAK was th esame post! You are one lucky girl! I agree that tin and everything is jaw dropping cute!

  17. You are so lucky...I saw Nancy post this and it's just beautiful! She's super sweet and her tins are so great! I'm jealous! ;)