Thursday, 1 December 2016

Hellooooooooo :)

Happy December 1st!

These past few months have been super busy for me. I have been creating I just didn't have the time to post any cards.
Thought I'd just load some of my favourites here. I always upload my cards to my SCS album and you can find them all there with details to each card.

But first I want to share a proud Mom moment. 
In Chloe's final year of high school she was in their musical Grease playing Marty and sang a solo Freddie My Love. She was fabulous!
Here is a picture of her(on the right) with some of her cast mates and little fans :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Debra said...

Your daughter is a beautiful girl! No wonder you are proud! Loved seeing the cards you've been making.

Lisa Lara said...

Gorgeous cards Dawn and love the fam pic!

Joan V said...

Life does keep us busy. Love all the cards. Thanks for sharing.

Marisa said...

Always enjoy seeing your creations :) Glad you have had some time to play with your goodie in the midst of a crazy busy time of year for you.