Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Quickie Mailbox Gift

After all my crafting on Sunday I was in a little slump for the past couple of days...lol

My Mom called wanted to know if I had any of those Target $1 mailboxes left. I said I have a few(about 10). She wanted to know if I could make some of those up for the ladies in her seniors building. I said sure! Knowing that I have four red ones left(I don't like red for myself), I thought I'd use those up first. Since I'm not one to use red, I don't have much red paper or embellishments. So I grabbed what I had and got to work. This is the first one. It's simple and not too much on it. I got kind of lazy too and only put a strip of paper around as a belly band. I didn't measure and cut away for the flag. Shhhhhhh don't tell my Mom. She won't know any different!

I was hoping to have a nice quiet week so I could craft inbetween my spring cleaning. It's not looking that way now. Tomorrow I have a Parent Meeting at the school for our Family Fun Day. Thursday it is the volunteer tea in the morning. Thursday night, Chloe has karate. Friday I'm off to get the ice cream for the Fun Day in the morning and then hopefully to the airport to pick up Brian in the afternoon. Saturday I have Family Fun Day at the school and then NASCAR on tv that night....whew....WHERE am I going to fit crafting in???? May have to pass on the rest of my spring cleaning.....

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