Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cards for the kids...

Here are a couple more of my scrap cards. Chloe wanted a few cards to give to her friends at the end of the school year. I ended up making 10 total but will just load a couple of them. I had some Sarah Paper in a pile there on my table and used some odds and ends to put these cards together. I don't usually use WW for a cardbase as it's kind of flimsy...but it works for the kids! haha!
Thank goodness tomorrow is the LAST day of school here. I still am at the school Friday morning helping with the Teacher Appreciation Lunch that we(Parents Association) put on for them each year.
I still have a few things to do around here before we leave for holidays. Not sure when I'll get them all done AND have time to stamp...but I'll work something out! I always do!


Diane Savage said...

Love em' girlfriend. Thanks for the chat and the looksie' at them this a.m. They were all totally adorable.

Christie said...

Very cute cards!

Dawn Griffith said...

The Cards are Fabulous and they will love them .. My daughters likes doing this kinda stuff for the last day also .. Have a Great Holiday get a way I will miss you .. Dont forget to take your new catty .. Like your gonna forget right ? NOT!!