Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Looking for Copics

Hi girls!
I'm hoping you can help me! Last week someone emailed me about Copics and which ones I started with. I shared where I had bought most of mine from All That Scraps.
They emailed back saying they found a place in Alberta that sells them....think it was Calgary. Do you know where that might be? If so, would you mind sharing....lol
I have ordered from Curry's Art Supply but I have 6 things on back order and they don't know when they will be in....so I need to try elsewhere.
Thanks for your help!
ETA: Thank you everyone!!! I've found Stampin and Scrappin here in Alberta and she has great prices and great selection of products...check it out!


Anonymous said...

i ordered from here last week..
they shipped them but waiting to get them hth

Basement Stamper said...

Dawn: I just ordered from here...hoping I got some decent priced ones. Good luck! (my friend Kerry DC recommended this place)https://www.carpediemstore.com/mlistCategoriesAndProducts.asp?midCategory=330

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn!
They sell them at a store very close to me called Scrapbook Pantry but only singles. They are right now $6.99 each and will be going up in the new year! They did have some sets but they were gone fast. If you ever want me to get some for you and look for certain colours, just let me know. I am there ALOT!! LOL

ChristineCreations said...

Dawn...I just bought mine from a store in Edm! Delta Art Supply, they were $6.35 CDN, and they had tons of supply. It's near Kingsway. 111th and 120th.

They are going up in price in January though...to $9 per marker.

kathy b said...

Hi Dawn,
The best place I have found for price is carpediemstore.com. Their shipping costs are high (they ship FedEx) but they still end up cheaper (if you order enough)because of their low unit cost. Plus, if you are a previous customer, they give you an additional discount on future orders. I have been very pleased with all my purchases and haven't found a better deal on Copics anywhere. I probably have about 100 and want to place another order tomorrow before prices go up in the new year. I LOVE my Copics and hope to go to one of the Copic certification classes in the new year. The price for first timers is $3.95 each (USD).

Tori Wild said...

Dawn- I have a link on my blog, but Otakafuel is the fastest shipping place I've found and they have pretty much ALL the colors I needed! They were also the least expensive-- BONUS! :)

shelley- aka hairchick said...

Hi :)
I sell them on my online store! They are $4.99 each until tomorrow! They will be increasing to $6.25 after tomorrow. I also do special orders!


Email me with any questions!

barbdean said...

Hi Dawn - i know its not in Alberta but have you tried www.scrappingreatdeals.com she is in ontario but her prices are amazing and she has a $10 coupon until tonight if you creat an account and place an order tonight. Question for you, my husband purchased me a set of Copic markers but he got me the ciao - do you recommend the sketch or the ciao? I may return them to get a different kind so thought I'd check! :)

Renée said...

Hey Dawn,

Remember Jess? She's starting her online store in January and I know I hooked her on the Copics so she'll be selling those ... I'll email you her email addy later?!

Nancy said...

The store I work at in Calgary (Scrapbook Pantry) sells them. Our new price will be $7.99 I think. We sell Sketches and have a certain selection currently in stock (and more shipped to us today apparently). You can call the store at 403 455 1558 if you need to