Saturday, July 14, 2007

Couple of holiday pictures

These pics were taken in the Redwood Forest. Such an AMAZING place! I think that was one of the highlights on our drive home. So peaceful in there.
Brian and Chloe sitting on Grandpa's lap....haha. Then I had to get a pic taken of me with the little bear I brought home! He is so cute!!! His eyes are really close together and he just has this dopey look about him.

I was saying to Brian that this trip wasn't as good for shopping as our February trip across the States but now that I look at my goodies I can't say it was all that bad! LOL!
Some of the stuff I got at Target and Walmart. A great deal of it I got at a store on Katella Ave in Anaheim! They had BUTTloads of stampin' stuff there!! Spent $220 in that store alone!

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Dawn Griffith said...

Your photos are awesome .. so Happy your home safe & sound girlie .. Love all your goodies you bought too :-)