Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Started our journey home today

Whew! So glad to get out of Anaheim! After two days we were bored....LOL. The hotel we stayed at did not offer free internet. So you could sign up for 49.95 a week. I did...BUT it didn't work. So then I had to go and use the business center for 6 bucks a day....but I couldn't sign on to my blog to do ANYTHING!
Thanks for taggin' me Dawn! I'll be sure to check it all out when I get home and tag some of my friends.
Will be sure to post a few of our pictures on here when I get home. I forgot the cord that goes from the camera to the laptop. Another one of my goofs!
Should be home by Saturday!

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Dawn Griffith said...

Its funny how fun it is to go on vacation BUT how Great it is to get home and sleep in your own bed HUH girlie .. Hurry up Saturday Gee whiz that seems like along way away since its only wednesday Have safe travels
Dawn Griffith