Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Heat wave...ugh!

Well we made it this evening to Anaheim! Thank goodness because those few days of the heat in Vegas about killed ME! I have discovered I don't do well in that heat. Well really it was EXCESSIVE! We just watched the news and Vegas was 128F which is 53C....OMG so glad we got out when it was 115F....rofl
When we got to Anaheim it was much cooler...really it is!
Tonight I'm off on a hunt for craft stores! Sure hope to find some goodies to take home.
Hope all my American friends are having a GREAT 4th of July!!!


BraMax said...

Glad you survived the heat...enjoy your craft hunt...and whatever else you all have to you soon.

Diane Savage said...

Hey Dawn,

Glad to hear you are having fun on your trip, can't wait for my weekend to be over, if you know what I mean. :) Have a safe trip back.


Dawn Griffith said...

Man that is HOT .. I dont think I would do to good in that heat either .. Have fun shaopping GF dont spend to much :-) Yea right .. Have tons of FUN!!
Miss you

Rodrigo said...

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Dawn Griffith said...

Hi girlie : Sure hope your haveing fun and that your buried under all the new goodies you have been buying Hee! Hee! I tagged you this morning on my blog I cant wait to read 7 things about you ..
Love y a