Monday, July 16, 2007

I've been tagged!

While on holidays Dawn Griffith tagged me on her site! Be sure to check it out HERE. She always has such fabulous cards and ideas on there.
I'm supposed to list 7 random things about myself and then tag 7 others. Not sure I know anyone to tag that hasn't already been tagged before....LOL

Ok so here goes:
1. I NEVER leave the house without mascara....I know, sounds silly but if I don't wear it people think I look sickly or something!

2. I don't like chocolate cake...but if it's the ONLY thing there...I'll eat it! haha

3. My favourite soda is Verners Gingerale BUT I can't get it here so I lug it home from Florida, California, Ontario or Michigan!

4. I am lucky to have a GREAT husband who actually feeds my stampin' addiction by buying me goodies whenever and wherever he sees them!

5. When I was younger we had two lambs that we named Heidi and Woolie.

6. I was born in Windsor, Ontario but moved out west when I was 9. Years later after getting married to Brian, we moved back and forth TWICE from Windsor, Ontario to Alberta.

7. I gave my sister a black eye when we were accident...LOL...I used to throw the bat when we played baseball....silly of her to stand near me eh?!

1 comment:

Dawn griffith said...

I am not a BIG ( any) Cake eater But when I do I love choc. I am more a pie eater myself .. So are your settled in now that your back home .. Its sooo Great to come home isn't after being away ..