Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nothing new yet to post....

What a day! So glad that the school part is over, NOW I can craft something! Today was picture day at the school and I always volunteer to help the photographer. It helps when you know most of the kids names ;)
I think my friend, Michelle, is right. This school thing is interfering way too much with my crafting time....LOL
I do have a couple of things I want to get done tonight. I'd really like to make something for Chloe's new teachers. She has two of them this year. So when I figure out exactly what I'm making and get it done....I'll be back to post...but for now....I got NOTHIN' haha
Sure hope you all are having a great day though!
OK so I did do "stuff" tonight but I can't post it....I am in a RAK exchange on Jen's Pieces of Me blog and we can't post our RAK things until the other person receives it. I just finished my partners gifts. So I'll post something tomorrow....lol
I'll have the day to myself!!! YAH!


Michelle in Boise said...

It's 7:44 and you have nothing to show....what a rip! I'm going to report you to the cardstock police or something. Take Chloe out of school - you need more craft time!

Alexandra said...

Okay, its after 10pm and nothin' - you would think you had a busy day or something - *wink*


Angie said...

Girl, I know what you mean....I worked at the high school today and it seems like I haven't stamped in forever!! Look forward to seeing what you come up with!
See ya,

Michelle in Boise said...

What? You're following RULES? What crap!

Flossie's Follies said...

WOW, we can't post what we are sending, I did not know that, working on mine for Jen's RAK.

Rose Ann said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your RAK swap! I'm sure it's marvelous! ;)

Dawn griffith said...

OH boy I have missed checking in on you the last 2 weeks girlie ..
I guess I have to join the party and add that I have nothing to add to my blog post yet either .. BUMMER HUH? I really need to get stampin and get back to passing the days .. Jessie is at school camp until Friday now I may get some things done that have been way over looked like checking in on you Girlie .. I must be a bad parent cause really the less I do for the school the happier I am .. It seems when ever I get involed in activies It seems I always get with the group that likes to gossip and thats not my thing KWIM? aint no telling what they gossip about me .. Maybe for not taking part in things at the school .. Other than that I know it is rewarding to be active in the school especially with your own child/s class events .. Now this is something I really enjoy .. I miss you and Hope you have a wonderful day girlie
Dawn griffith

Michelle in Boise said...

It's after 1 o'clock the next freakin' day....don't you have anything to show yet??

Vicki C said...

You do BEAUTIFUL work! Thanks for comming by my blog..and for linking me! I definatly put you in for the drawing! Vicki